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128 days later —

128-days-laterAs of this morning, I’ve made a commit to github every day for 128 days.

This is a fairly significant milestone for me. It’s 2^7 days, which I personally think is pretty cool, but more than that, it’s a period of time that I’ve dedicated to intentionally learning something new every day.

As a programmer, I sometimes struggle with motivation. It’s easy to do something for a couple of days because it’s cool or fun, but then it becomes work, and I’ve got a new game on Steam, or a friend wants to hang out, or…the list goes on. It’s easy to close the development environment and passively consume content from Netflix. Becoming stagnant is easy.

About the time I finished college, my dad (an ex-Navy programmer turned university professor) told me:

“Pick something you’re interested in…and intentionally study it for a year. If after a year, you’ve discovered you don’t like it, that’s ok. The important part is choosing and studying to understand things on a more than surface level.”

I’ve spent the last third of a year intentionally engaging the Java programming language at least once per day. And, yeah, some days were pretty grudgingly so, and I definitely cheated with some 1 line changes on a couple of days. But I did it. And I learned a ton. I’m still learning, and I’m digging deep below the surface.

These 128 days are dedicated to my dad.

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