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Accidents Happen —

Death is but a whisper
teasing in the dark
beckoning with peace and rest
’till it finds its mark

Death is not your plaything
playful though it seems
with iron claws and dripping jaws
ripping up your dreams

Death is less compelling
when through the dark you’ve been
this world has fearsome wonders
that none of you have seen

I’ve walked the hidden pathways
I’ve seen beyond the veil
I’ve nested with the shadelings
I’ve walked among the skrael

The biting dark it has no peace
The whispers are a lie
Death has no more answers
than either you or I

Take care, dear little dragon
as you walk the streets
my soul would rip asunder
if Death should stop your feet

This day is not the ending
of all you hold so dear
the world is full of beauty and wonder
despite those who you fear

For Dreco.

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