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America Was Never Great —

a guest post by Nightingale It started with a meme on social media: “Maybe instead of teaching our kids to respect flags and anthems, we should teach them to respect justice and humanity.” ~ D. Gray Man (@ervin_point), 2016, Twitter A relative’s comment, and subsequent discussion, prompted this post. I read your comments about truth, […]

When Law Enforcement Isn’t 2: Electric Boogaloo (aka Derrick Ramseyer’s Brutality) —

Summary On the morning of June 4th, 2018, Derrick Ramseyer, law enforcement officer, (recovering?) adrenaline junkie, graduate of class BC 08-231,¬†crash test dummy, and totes a trained conflict negotiator, concluded his multi-day harassment-and-assult of a disabled volunteer with an arrest on made-up charges, and then allowed and encouraged his team to use excessive force against […]

When law enforcement is —

Yesterday, I wrote an anger-filled tirade directed at a member of law enforcement who used physical violence against a child, and directed at the officers who observed what happened and did nothing to correct it, either in the immediate sense (getting their commander to calm down) or later (reporting what happened and taking administrative action). […]