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Hiatus Update —

Brief Update on the Hiatus On Monday (May 23rd 2016) I have an all-day medical proceedure. After the recovery period, I’ll know a bit more about when I will have time and energy to work on modding again. When I’m no longer on hiatus, my priority is to update JakimBox and Werkbench first, then AlchemyPlusPlus, […]

Project Triage —

When is a project worth saving? My thoughts on rewriting, expending time and energy building or rebuilding a project. I struggle with this question a lot. I chronically take on more projects than I can handle, and then a few (or a lot) of them drop off my radar and get abandoned.

What’s up with the Hiatus? —

So, about that hiatus… Since August of 2015, I’ve been hiatus while dealing with some medical issues and an increased job workload. My ability to contribute to Open Source and do Minecraft modding has been minimal. I don’t know exactly when I’ll be able to actively work on modding again. The constant grind of needing […]

Refactoring Patreon —

I’ve been mulling over ways to revamp my Patreon presence. First and foremost, I want to make sure that I’m continuing to provide my current Patreon supporters with thanks and benefits that encourage them to continue supporting me. Part of the problem with this is that I don’t actually know why people support me. Is […]

MinecraftEdu and Minechem —

I’m pleased to announce that Minechem has been selected for inclusion in MinecraftEdu! It’s a huge honor, and I look forward to working with the MinecraftEdu team to promote interactive learning!

Authentication, Encryption, and Acixs Hosting —

“The purpose of encryption is to prevent third parties from recovering the original information” ~wikipedia Last night, an email from Acixs Hosting was posted on Twitter by Minalien (saved version). The conversation that followed that upsets me, both as a person and as an IT professional. The email was just a jumping off point, but I […]

Minecraft, Microsoft, and Modding —

Update (15 September): So, looks like it’s official. Microsoft owns Mojang, or will as soon as the contracts are signed. That said, I’d like to point out that my reasoning for “wait and see” is still valid. We don’t know what Microsoft will do with Minecraft. So, for now…I’m going to keep modding, and keep playing. […]

Minechem Element Discovery —

I’ve added a new set of perks to my Patreon page. The perk I’m specifically talking about here is one called “Element Discovery”. How’s it work? Pretty simple. In the next few days, I’ll be adding a “Discovered By:” line to the tooltip of some elements. Anyone who has donated any amount up to the […]

Modpacks, permissions, and the Real World —

I’ve got a very simple stance on modpacks using my mods: Go ahead. Use my mods in any modpack, public or private, however you want. I’d love to hear from you about your modpack, but that’s a suggestion, not a requirement. That’s the simple, easy, and quotable-for-permissions-requirements version of it.

What’s up with Minechem? —

I’ve had people asking over the past couple of weeks things like “When is Minechem updating?” and “How long until you start working on the changes you discussed in IRC?”. Well, here’s the official answer. About three months ago, my carpal tunnel syndrome flared up, either causing or caused by tendonitus in my wrist. My […]

Minecraft Server Architecture —

In the spring of 2011, I worked for a small company in Salem, Oregon. The company is gone now, but I retained something that was passed on to me by their lead DBA: the Lexmine Minecraft server. In the years since then, the server has gone from a simple “vanilla” server to the multi-server cluster with […]

Netbeans and Forge (with gradle) —

I’ve been using the Netbeans IDE for a decent number of years, and since it supports the Java language, it made sense to use it when I started doing Forge modding for Minecraft. Sadly, most of the tutorials for setting up Netbeans are from before Forge started using gradle, and the forums are full of confusing […]

Splitting Minechem —

A long time ago, Pixlepix made and/or aquired a couple of mods. One he called Minechem, the other he called Particle Physics. He decided to merge them, for giggles and kicks. As of Minechem 5.0.5-Dev5 (and later), I’ve split them back into their individual mods. Minechem is now just Minechem. Particle Physics is now just […]