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A love letter to Spiderweb Software —

Let’s just get this out of the way. I like roguelikes. Specifically, I like top down, dungeon crawling roguelikes that gives you a sandbox with some guidelines, and says “go have fun”. Well, once upon a time,¬†back before Facebook, the iPhone, broadband internet, Valve, Google, and wifi were a thing, I had never played computer […]

Nevermore —

Iron cold eyes of azure hue thoughtful eyes of misty blue wild soul and sharp bright mind weighing the fate of all your kind hands with hidden talent bend to worlds far off and close as skin eyes bright and dark as the trackless sea blue and grey and full of mysteries flickering of crow’s […]

A prayer to St. Murpy —

Hail St. Murphy, king of lies, make my work confound the wise. Hear my prayer in time of fear, respond in ways both fickle and queer.

Multi Icon .desktop Fix —

When running a dock bar on Linux, I’ve had problems with applications I pin to the dock showing up a second time when they’re running.

jakimfett’s list —

A random collection in no specific chronological order (or, “list”) of things jakimfett has been told.

Installing Gradle —

I’ve mentioned that I use a locally installed version of gradle, but what I didn’t mention is how I set it up.