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Motivation —

It’s 11:24pm on the west coast, and I’m trying to find the motivation to do something. Anything. Any project. Any small measure of positive movement that says “I am alive and I continue to defy entropy”. Today, I have done many things. I’ve made food. I got dressed, went outside, and walked several kilometers. I bought […]

Mental Health —

Your mental health is important. This is a companion to my post about ending my involvement in Minecraft modding, and explains a bit more about what happened with my mental health in the past year or so. In 2014, my grandpa Marvin died. That event was the impetus that pushed me into a downward spiral. […]

Hiatus Update #2 —

Surprise! I’m still on hiatus. :-/ Since I last posted one of these, I’ve had several doctor’s appointments (the latest one just yesterday), none of which have been conclusive. They’re doing blood tests, and discussing doing various other fluid/tissue/etc testing. I’m on a couple of meds that help with the pain and nausea. One of […]

Realistic Gun Control —

I’m an advocate of sane gun control laws. I’m also an advocate of gun ownership. I grew up in the countryside. The nearest small town was miles away, and the nearest city was almost an hour away. I grew up handling firearms, because it was necessary. Guns were used to protect our livestock from predators, […]

What’s up with the Hiatus? —

So, about that hiatus… Since August of 2015, I’ve been hiatus while dealing with some medical issues and an increased job workload. My ability to contribute to Open Source and do Minecraft modding has been minimal. I don’t know exactly when I’ll be able to actively work on modding again. The constant grind of needing […]

When law enforcement is —

Yesterday, I wrote an anger-filled tirade directed at a member of law enforcement who used physical violence against a child, and directed at the officers who observed what happened and did nothing to correct it, either in the immediate sense (getting their commander to calm down) or later (reporting what happened and taking administrative action). […]

Speaking out against abuse: Fifty Shades of Grey —

As a general rule, I avoid discussing controversial subjects, because I’m content to just keep my head down and write code. I’m choosing to speak up on this, because abuse of this sort is wrong, and when society is uplifting it as desirable, it makes me sick. This is a statement written by my best friend […]

Farewell to th3j35t3r (or…maybe not so much) —

Apparently, th3j35t3r is leaving us. I say “apparently”, because I’m still not 100% convinced that this isn’t some elaborate opsec that he’s running. In the past, we’ve had instances of th3j35t3r going dark for various and sundry purposes. UPDATE: Well, it looks like he’s back. I’ll feel safer knowing that the “Internet Batman” is still out there, […]

Grandpa Marvin —

Last Thursday night, my grandfather died. Today was his funeral. I regret that just when I was starting to learn the most from him, I left for college. I regret that by the time I came home, he was no longer able to teach me like he used to. I regret that I ran out […]

Minecraft, Microsoft, and Modding —

Update (15 September): So, looks like it’s official. Microsoft owns Mojang, or will as soon as the contracts are signed. That said, I’d like to point out that my reasoning for “wait and see” is still valid. We don’t know what Microsoft will do with Minecraft. So, for now…I’m going to keep modding, and keep playing. […]