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Grandpa Marvin —

Last Thursday night, my grandfather died. Today was his funeral.

I regret that just when I was starting to learn the most from him, I left for college. I regret that by the time I came home, he was no longer able to teach me like he used to. I regret that I ran out of time.

My grandpa was the one who taught me how to use many of the metalworking tools that I’ve come to love using. The lathe, the forge, the welder, the plasma cutter, the drill press and grinder. He taught me about engines and structural integrity and material fatigue. He taught me that sometimes, you have to beat your head against a problem until it gives in, and you solve it.

This post is a dedication to all the things he taught me.

This post is grief mixed with joy.

This post cannot begin to describe the hole he’s left in my life.

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