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Minechem Element Discovery —

minechemAchievementI’ve added a new set of perks to my Patreon page. The perk I’m specifically talking about here is one called “Element Discovery”. How’s it work? Pretty simple.

In the next few days, I’ll be adding a “Discovered By:” line to the tooltip of some elements. Anyone who has donated any amount up to the date of posting will get one, and moving forward anyone who pledges more than $17 via Patreon will get their name added to an element. I’ll start randomly assigning them from a pool containing the most basic elements (hydrogen, oxygen, argon, iron, etc).

minechemDiscoveryFor Patreons who pledge $23 or more, I’ll be offering the opportunity to select which element you’d like to “discover”. Want to be the mad scientist who discovered Uranium? Or what about the genius who discovered Penicillin? Care to have your name associated with Caffeine? Or how about Carbon?

Interested? Go check out the new goals and pledge rewards on my Patreon, and your name could be on the Caffeine molecule!

Note: I’ll put your username, or the name of your choice on the element or compound, but I’ll veto any vulgar or insulting names.


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