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MinecraftEdu and Minechem —

I’m pleased to announce that Minechem has been selected for inclusion in MinecraftEdu! It’s a huge honor, and I look forward to working with the MinecraftEdu team to promote interactive learning!

Minecraft logoWhat is Minecraft?
For those of you who haven’t heard of Minecraft, it’s an open-ended sandbox game of building and exploration. Essentially, it’s digital Legos, with some basic electronics concepts thrown in for good measure.

What is modded Minecraft?
A modification, or “mod” for short, is something that changes or adds to the base Minecraft game. This can be as simple as adding more blocks, or as complex as adding space travel…or in the case of Minechem, adding some basic chemistry, Minecraft style!


MinecraftEdu logoWhat is MinecraftEdu?
The team over at TeacherGaming created MinecraftEdu as a teaching tool for educational institutions. MCEdu is a custom edition of Minecraft designed for classroom use, with a focus on helping students learn important concepts through interactive play.

MCEdu is partnered with some big names in education like Google, the California Institute of Technology, Institute of  Playful Learning, and the American Museum of Natural History. To learn more about MCEdu, please visit their About page!

The addition of Minechem was first announced on the MCEdu blog, and you can read about all the mods on the MCEdu wiki.


What is Minechem?
Minechem is a chemistry mod for Minecraft. It adds a mechanic to break down blocks and items into molecules and elements, and allows you to reassemble them to get different items or blocks.


How do I get Minechem?
Minechem is available completely free of charge. For information about downloading and installing Minechem, please visit the Minechem website. If you’re completely new to Minecraft, you should read the Minecraft/Forge and Minechem installation tutorials on the github wiki.


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