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Refactoring Patreon —


I’ve been mulling over ways to revamp my Patreon presence.

First and foremost, I want to make sure that I’m continuing to provide my current Patreon supporters with thanks and benefits that encourage them to continue supporting me. Part of the problem with this is that I don’t actually know why people support me. Is it because I’m doing work they want to see continue? Is it because they like the perks I (try to) provide?

Somewhat related, I’ve been doing a (mostly) weekly livestream, but it doesn’t seem like anyone watches it. I’ve occasionally had two or three people, but there was only once (during an AlchemyPlusPlus dev livestream) that I got really good interaction and good discussion. Does anyone look forward to the livestreams? Does anyone watch them? Would you watch them if they were at a better time, or were of a different game, or…?

Here’s a list of things (in no particular order) that I’ve been thinking about doing with my Patreon page:

  • Change the time of the livestream. Currently it’s between 9am and noon (GMT-8, aka Pacific Standard Time) on Sundays. Changing this to Saturday morning or Friday night might allow more people to watch.
  • Change the reward structure and reward amounts, or add different rewards. Possibly put all rewards into the $1-10 range.
  • Dev builds for any level of Patreon supporter.
  • Close the Minechem Dev server. There doesn’t seem to be much interest in it, and it’s a pretty big timesink to keep it updated and stable.
  • More/different content updates. I’m thinking something along the lines of a monthly “State of jakimfett’s Minecraft mods” update just for my Patreons.
  • Pre-release content to Patreon 5-10 days before “live” release.
  • Reports on how I’m using the pledged funds.
  • Livestream development of mods instead of playing games.

Ultimately, this is a question of how to encourage more people to support me (so I can dedicate more time to modding), so if you look at my Patreon page and think “nah, don’t want to support jakimfett”, I’m interested in understanding why.

Comments, suggestions, questions, and criticism is all welcome. Feel free to leave a comment here, on Twitter, or ping me via IRC.

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