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When law enforcement is —

Yesterday, I wrote an anger-filled tirade directed at a member of law enforcement who used physical violence against a child, and directed at the officers who observed what happened and did nothing to correct it, either in the immediate sense (getting their commander to calm down) or later (reporting what happened and taking administrative action).

I’d like to make it crystal clear…I’m not anti-law-enforcement. I’m anti-lack-of-self-control and anti-bullies-in-positions-of-power.

Several of my relatives are members of law enforcement, and I’ve had the privilege of observing them acting in a calm, professional manner even when they were under a lot of pressure. Many, many, many law enforcement officers do exactly that…conduct themselves in a way that is above reproach and is a credit to their chosen profession (protector of the people).

But there is a systemic problem with law enforcement.¬†Eric Casebolt, the officer who assaulted the girl in McKinney, wasn’t acting in isolation. He wasn’t a rogue element. He was observed by two other officers who should have, if not at that moment in time, within the next few hours, questioned “why was this girl detained in this manner”. Whoever released the girl without determining why she was on the ground failed. If it was Casebolt who took her exit statement, management failed to make sure that it wasn’t the same person handling statements and doing the takedown.

My rant yesterday is directed at the individuals and structures that have failed to behave in a professional and moral manner and hold Eric Casebolt accountable for his actions that day.

To those law enforcement officers who have behaved morally, professionally, and above reproach, thank you.

Thank you for being part of the solution.
Thank you for accepting the responsibility that comes with your power.
Thank you for keeping us safe.

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