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When law enforcement isn’t —

There’s never an excuse for a member of law enforcement using physical violence against an unarmed, unresisting child.

There’s never an excuse for drawing a weapon without clear and present danger. Someone questioning you is not “clear and present danger”.

To the officers in Texas who were involved in the abysmal behavior against the kids at that pool party, I’d like to extend a massive “FUCK YOU”.

Fuck you for taking an oath to protect and serve, and then assaulting children.
Fuck you for not supporting the kids verbally defending themselves against racist assholes.
Fuck you for handcuffing someone trying to explain what happened.
Fuck you for being the reason those kids felt like they needed to run.

Worse case scenario, if you were to view everything in the worst light, is a bunch of kids broke in to a pool, started a fight with a couple of adults, and then ran off when the police showed up. This worst case scenario wouldn’t require a police officer to draw a weapon.

The reality is far less malevolent than this…a bunch of kids got invited to a pool party, some racist adults showed up, picked a fight, and then called the cops when their assholery put them on the receiving end of some harsh words.

This reality would, in an ideal world, result in law enforcement showing up, giving the adults a dressing down for wasting their time, and letting the kids know that racism is never acceptable.

To the cops who failed the citizens they were sworn to protect,

Fuck you.

Here’s hoping you get sued into poverty, and end up unemployable and homeless.

Here’s hoping you live the rest of your life hoping the people you failed will continue to support your drain on society.

The problem is, that’s not what happens in times like this. An officer, maybe two officers, get suspended (most likely with paid leave) while “the investigation” proceeds. Then they get quietly brought back in, and they get to do it again, some other time, when the cameras aren’t rolling and they can get away with it.

Not all officers of the law are failures. But you guys, you despicable excuses for human beings, have brought failure to a new low.

UPDATE: I clarified my stance on law enforcement in a follow-up post.

If anyone has this guy's name or badge number, please tell someone. Tell the whole internet.

If anyone has this guy’s name or badge number, please tell someone. Tell the whole internet.¬†Found it, it’s Eric Casebolt.

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